Welcome to Seashell Group

From a 20 seat restaurant in Abu Dhabi, UAE in 1984 to a collection of more than 40 seashell restaurants by 2015, Seashell group now employs more than 800 people and serves over 6,00,000 customers every month. Our focus on top quality, product innovation, value for money and exceptional service has enabled us to achieve this mammoth growth & become one of the largest restaurant chains in UAE. We enjoy strong brand equity in UAE and a strong emerging presence in some Indian metropolitan cities. This has enabled us to diversify our business into Residency, Minimart & Trading.

We believe in our potential to be a leading restaurant chain in the world. We have always focused on hiring morally stable, quick serving employees that has helped us maintain a reputation among our customers as the “Restaurant chain with the best food & service”. Our motto “Customer is king” is simple and ubiquitous and has been our inspiration which has allowed us to achieve such high levels of customer satisfaction.

In keeping with the friendly approach, the company routinely establishes a strong presence in each community it joins by supporting a variety of charitable efforts.